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About us

Scaling a business is one of the major accomplishments for any entrepreneur. Among other things, it allows them to earn much higher revenue. However, many believe that they can never reach this stage because of their lack of knowledge and connections. That’s why they choose to remain stuck where they are. They become content with their comfort zones, with no hope of growing at all.

Time to end this mindset right here as we reveal Underground Wealth Secrets!

This is not your typical business advice show. This one is for serious entrepreneurs who want to surpass their current stage and move the needle further. Listen to practical advice and eye-opening stories from credible people across all industries. Sometimes, all you need is one small nugget of wisdom from other established business owners to finally discover your true potential.

If you are looking for the best strategies for financial freedom, you are in the right place. Tune in to life-changing anecdotes that encourage you to be more mindful of your money. Become one of the most reliable organizations out there by focusing on your impact and how you can provide value to others.

UWS 18 | Know Your Profit


UWS 18 | Know Your Profit

Get ready for information-filled discussions that break down the well-kept secrets of various industry leaders, helping you usher your business to the next level. These conversations feature diverse topics with invaluable information you can easily implement in your business. We invite the Top Professionals to have discussions that are engaging, enticing, and uplifting. Discover how our expert guests approached the game in the most logical and strategic ways, garnering tremendous success in their chosen fields and sharing it with you.

Hosting the podcast is Julie Houston on behalf of Bob and Ed Diamond. She leads every episode to reflect the duo’s competency and dedication.

Bob Diamond, dubbed “America’s Tax Sale Attorney” is a practicing attorney, real estate developer, and author of three books on foreclosure investing. He currently serves as the Managing Attorney of Diamond Law Center. Bob is also well-versed in advanced investing techniques. This includes discounted liens, buying out bankruptcy, short sales, and straight equity purchases. Additionally, he created the course Overages, which is all about finding unclaimed money through foreclosed properties while helping others.

Ed Diamond, CFO & COO, runs the operations of Diamond Law Center. He is in charge of overseeing everything that you dont see behind the scenes. He has deep knowledge of all key business support functions developed over a 24 year career in Fortune 500 and mid size companies in the US and Canada. Ed utilizes his spearheaded experience to guarantee the Law Center’s high talent acquisition. Most importantly, he is responsible for ensuring that every client’s needs are properly addressed and supports his teams growth and continued success.

Bob and Ed’s prowess in investing, law, real estate, and finance are the main foundation of this show. Their vast experience is filled with different business lessons that lead to wealth building no matter your expertise or industry.

Achieving financial freedom is more than simply filling up your bank accounts. Looking at the bigger picture, it is about leaving a lasting impact on your audience. What’s more fulfilling than helping people solve problems and earning money while doing so? This podcast has everything you need to do just that. Learn how to scale your business with a strong financial mindset and stay true to your core values.