Marketing Master Connor Steinbrook Reveals Method You Should Use In 2023

UWS 14 Connor | Video Marketing

With technology, video marketing today has only gotten stronger. Having the ability to communicate with anyone around the world is unbelievable. You can now build a brand that is worldwide. Online platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and, most importantly, YouTube have changed the landscape when it comes to digital marketing. Your audience wants to be able to see you and hear you. This is why video marketing is the best way to market your business today.

Join Julie Houston as she talks to real estate investor and entrepreneur Connor Steinbrook. Discover how Connor marketed himself out of being stuck and into real estate. Learn how he grew his audience and community by proactively looking for leads, and discover why YouTube is the best platform to grow your business or brand right now. Find out the power of video today!

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Marketing Master Connor Steinbrook Reveals Method You Should Use In 2023

I’m very excited. We have a special guest. They are an incredible investor and incredible at online marketing, especially YouTube. How many years have we known each other, Connor?

It’s probably a couple of years. We met at Mitch Stevens’s event.

Why don’t you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your background, where you came from and where you’re at?

I went off to college. I’m out of Dallas-Fort Worth Texas. I went to the University of Oklahoma to get a Marketing degree. Accidentally, I became a professional poker player in the midst of doing this. I was in my freshman dorm and a big online event happened, which is online poker picked up. A lot of young kids in college saw this as a way to make extra money. I put $20 in a poker site and started playing for pennies, dollars, tens of dollars and some of the highest stakes on the internet. For eight several years, I became one of the top online poker players.

It was a random thing. It’s a hobby that became a profession and then government regulation happened unfortunately on April 15th, 2011. It was called Black Friday. If you look on the internet, there’s a historical record of this, which was when governments can’t regulate something or they don’t have their hands in it and they don’t control it, they either figure out how to do so or destroy it and that’s what happened.

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Overnight, I lost everything, the way of creating an income, my entire identity and my world. All my friends, we lost the only way that we had of printing money at the time. I made bad decisions and gambled off everything on blackjack and craps. Before I knew it, I was back living at home with my parents in my late twenties as embarrassing as that sounds.

I played poor me for a couple of years. What happened was I realized online poker wasn’t coming back and then I stumbled into self-development. I came across Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad and all the cliche names out there, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Brené Brown and Brian Tracy. I went down heavy self-development and that encouraged me to get into real estate investing but it didn’t go very well.

I have $100,000 in debt and ran out of money because I was doing traditional marketing strategies and I wasn’t doing very well with what I was doing. Also, I wasn’t converting the leads I did bring in. Essentially, I ran out of money and everybody told me to file for bankruptcy. Instead of doing so, I picked up a broom and swept floors at Academy Sports + Outdoors as crazy as that sounds. I got a job working for minimum wage while I was teaching myself how to build websites.

I was one of the first two people on Investor Carrot with Trevor Mauch and Adrian Nez. I was one of the first investors on that platform. I was going to their morning calls and they were teaching me about how Google described YouTube and linking YouTube channels to your websites would help the algorithm and drive up the domain authority or whatever it was.

I started building private YouTube channels and linked them to my websites. Within a couple of months, while I was working for minimum wage and living with my parents, I cracked the code to internet marketing and built the number one house acquisition websites for many of the biggest keywords here in North Texas for many of our biggest cities. We have houses in Plano, Dallas-Fort Worth and some of the biggest keywords.

I went from no leads and no business to overnight too many leads coming in. I started whole selling houses and moved into flipping houses. I started building my rental portfolio. I went into owner-financing and started creating and selling notes. I did deals with land and mobile homes on land. Along the way, I built my YouTube channel Investor Army, which is Texas’s number one largest real estate investing channel. That channel put me out there in the national footprint.

That’s when people started blowing me up about eXp Realty. I blew that business model off for a couple of years because I didn’t understand what was going on. After a couple of years of turning the cold shoulder to the eXp model, I was speaking at an event in Mississippi at a real estate conference and the number guy at our company was speaking at the same event. I got put into the speaker’s house with them. For three days, I had to stay with this individual and was blown away by the model.

I moved my license to eXp a couple of years ago and since then we built our Wolf Pack organization to over 2,200 agents. We’re growing by about 100 agents a month and selling, give or take 1,000 houses a month. It’s been a crazy journey to get here and that’s my entire life story. We’re doing both sides of the business, the investing side and then also the sales and agent side running the team.

I’ve heard this through the grapevine and I’m not in eXp but I heard you’re pretty high up there if I’m not mistaken.

We’re getting up there. We’re about 85,000 agents. They should announce it pretty quickly. I’m ranked 35 or 36 in the company at about 85,000 agents. In my defense, about 25 of those joined a couple of years before we did. Adjusting for time, we’re doing pretty good. That has to do with the internet, YouTube, video marketing and a digital footprint in the world that we live in and the way technology is allowing businesses to operate on a global footprint but not a local geographically restricted footprint like businesses traditionally operate through.

The way that I did this was by building a brand and a large footprint around the world, meaning attention in different markets, states and countries. When the opportunity popped up to build an international team, I had already had that network built out and that’s what led me to do this. We can talk about video marketing, YouTube and all that on how this is the lifeblood and water for a business going forward or video marketing, in general, but YouTube is the heart of it.

That’s how it all happened. We built the channel and audience and then the opportunity showed up. We’d already built the foundation and then the rest was history. To give you an idea of where you see your business going forward, sometimes a big opportunity changes your life later so you need to start working now to build a foundation without knowing what’s coming tomorrow but the opportunity will show up and seize the moment. People will call you lucky at that moment. That’s what you need to start thinking about. A lot of young entrepreneurs want everything now but you need to have a runway for a plane to take off the ground. Start thinking about how to build your runway so that when the opportunity shows up, you take it down.

What is the starting point for building a business on YouTube?

When it comes to building any business, what do we need? We need time, money, attention and emotions to stay positive so we don’t burn out and give up. When we’re trying to generate leads to grow any business, we can do this through spending time, money or a combination of both. We can do this in a couple of different ways. We can do with our time proactively generating leads like reaching out to someone one by one, meaning cold calling someone, door-knocking or talking to someone at a networking event one to one.

UWS 14 Connor | Video Marketing
Video Marketing: You need to combine your time and money when you’re trying to generate leads and grow your business. You can do this by proactively generating leads. Reach out, cold call, and network.

Let’s say, I’m going to reach out to Julie. Take my time to contact her on the internet for a one-to-one time relationship. Whereas a reactive strategy is instead of reaching out to someone’s social media, you’re placing a video on the internet. It’s taking the same time that you would’ve reached out to that person, putting that content on the internet and having people come across that content and come to you.

What you need to understand is the difference in conversion rates. When someone contacts you versus you contacting them, who’s in the position of control? When you’re on video and someone’s watching your videos over and over, they’re going through the rapport-building process ahead of time. They’re already getting to have that know, like and trust factor with you. They’re building rapport through the videos so when they call you, it’s pretty much not messing up. You pretty much have the business because unconsciously they would never pick up the phone and called you if they hadn’t already unconsciously admitted to the sales or going to work with you.

One thing that video marking does is it’s a massive time leverage technique in multiple ways. You’re going to have people come across to you. Meaning they’re finding the time and relationship between the efforts that you put out. You could put one video that could have hundreds of thousands of people watching. The time leverage is massive and then the conversion rates are much higher as well. When it comes to growing your business, it’s 1 of 2 ways, increasing the lead generation side of the business or increasing the conversion side of the business.

Let’s say people are spending $5,000 a month to generate 10 leads for whatever business they’re doing and they close 1 of 10. They have a 10% conversion rate of 10 leads. If you ask that business owner, “How do you double your business,” they’re going to say, “I spend twice as much money and time to generate 20 leads so I get 2 out of 20.” Most people should be focusing on the conversion side of things, which is how to be a better communicator, go through your conversations with your sales calls and start entry and exit to the close better.

Let’s say we generate 10 leads and close 3 out of 10. When we generate 20, we’re closing 4 out of 20 or 6 out of 20. The reason why it’s so important for you to work on the conversion side of your business is that what if you run out of money or time? You can’t constantly pump money into your business. The conversion side in the beginning when you don’t have a lot of dollars in your business is the most important thing. Focus on your communication and credibility marketing.

That’s what YouTube can do for you. When you’re on camera, it creates a psychological effect on the world that we live in because everybody grew up with the television in their living room. When you see someone on camera, whether they’re successful or not, it doesn’t matter. They instantly move to the position of hierarchy in our thought process because we grew up watching athletes, movie stars, politicians, comedians and people that we would say are famous or up and beyond the average person.

By putting yourself on camera, you’re increasing the credibility effect, which is going to increase your conversions. You’re saving time on the side of not building rapport at the property but building rapport with your first interaction with the homeowner or consumer. They’re doing this ahead of time by watching your videos and you’re leveraging your time off the efforts that you take to create your marketing that’s working 24/7. The last thing is that you can put enough videos on the internet where you’re having more minutes watched of your videos than 24 hours a day, which means you increased hours of your business than a full 24-hour day, which you can’t do with any other strategy.

Long story short, YouTube is the single most powerful way to grow a business. If you want to look eXp Realty, the number one recruiter in our company, I sponsored him and he did it through YouTube. The number one producer in our company is doing it through YouTube. One of our agents broke the Texas State Records and did almost $70 million in sales in his 1st year as an agent. He did it through YouTube. You knew what you want. What’s happening is YouTube is the difference maker for high-performance businesses as far as scalability and the dollars it takes to scale as far as risk avoidance.

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How do you build the real estate team that you have with agents using social media?

There are lots of different things. We put out videos where we give out value first. If you are getting on the internet, what you need to understand is you don’t ask first, give next. What usually most people do is ask, ask and ask and get nothing. What you need to do is give something of value, lead with value and then ask later.

What we do is go out there and create value-driven marketing campaigns and content. As people start to follow you, they start to relate to you and then we’re going to drive people into data capture something, where we’re getting them to an email list, retargeting system, Facebook group, mastermind group or something where we’re going to capture their attention from the digital space, which is a view or subscriber where they don’t have a face on them yet. We humanize them and bring them into a relationship zone.

We’re building the relationship. Once we work with them on and off on a freeway where we have their attention for 1 month or 2, they see that we’re not some fake YouTubers and that we run businesses behind the scenes, then they start to say, “I feel like I’m learning more from them then I am my current brokerage,” and naturally they move towards us instead of us chasing people.

We create the brand on the internet to create attention and credibility. We then get that piece of the puzzle, which is to get them into a small form, communication, Zoom conversations, masterminds or anywhere where you can have a relationship built with that person on a name-to-name basis, if that makes sense, instead of them watching your channel or being a part of your Facebook group, watching your videos and maybe interacting in the thread but not with you.

When you’re having a conversation in small group form, this is a small window of time, 30, 60 or 90 days, you can demonstrate the value that you have to the marketplace like, “I’m a credible person. Also, I’m a lot like you.” If they can see themselves in the future, not only making you more money with you but also sharing a relationship where they’re not going to hate you and can tolerate you, that’s when people will decide to work with you at that moment.

2022 is almost coming to an end. What do you see for 2023 as a necessity for your businesses? What social media platforms do you know is a necessity?

This is always an opinion for a lot of people. I’m going to give you my opinion. I did the set event and some big social media platforms. They were like, “YouTube is not social media. It’s a video platform,” or something but I consider YouTube social media. I got blasted on stage. It was ridiculous. I was like, “I get it,” but most people aren’t going to agree with that. Most people consider YouTube as social media.

Why do I believe YouTube is central to all the platforms? YouTube has evergreen content and what that means is content that you put out that’s relevant now and can be relevant tomorrow. If I put a video out on how to cook the best pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving or Halloween video, the next Halloween and next Thanksgiving, that’s going to be relevant content. You could put a video out that you put ten minutes in that gets you views and brings business in forever long-term. Not all platforms have evergreen content. Once you post your videos and content, it goes away.

UWS 14 Connor | Video Marketing
Video Marketing: YouTube is the central platform for you because it has evergreen content. The content you put out that’s relevant today can be relevant tomorrow.

The next thing is YouTube is a subscription-based service with reoccurring viewership where people come and they can follow you and you have a little bit longer form content. For example, I can post an IG reel even with not that big of an Instagram following and get thousands of views on it but in relation to getting thousands of views from TikTok or short-form content on a 5, 10 or 15-minute video as compared to what we’re doing with a podcast, 1,000 views on 1 hour-long podcast, 1,000 views on the 10-minute video, 1,000 views on a 5-minute video, 1,000 views on a 30-second reel is not the same in business results.

It gives you a platform where it’s the most credible solidified and long-term platform that you can have longer form content on that and build an audience with that you can’t do on the other platforms. Everything is moving. YouTube long-term is my opinion on what’s the most important but everything is moving towards short-form content.

We have TikTok, Reels, Shorts and all this so attention spans are dropping dramatically. It used to be where you could keep someone on a 10 or 12-minute video pretty easily past 50% watch time but with the high pace world that we live in, every single thing that you come across throughout the day is trying to get your attention to sell you something. If you pull out your cell phone, drive down the highway or listen to the radio, there are ads. Wherever you go, you’re being pitched.

Also, what type of ads are we seeing? 90-second or less ads. Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok are where I’m going to put a lot more time in going forward where I didn’t see as much value in the past. What you should think about doing is having a good strategy on how to take short-form content that can be volume, meaning you can create a lot of shorter-form content pieces to drive them to your longer-form content platforms like using a Short or Instagram Reel, giving a piece of this show, making it look nice and then redirecting it.

I focus for sure on YouTube. The reason why video is so important and I’ll break it down a little bit further so they can understand is there are three ways that you can understand communication conversion. Communication happens in three ways. It’s the actual words that we’re saying. The energy, tonality, delivery of the words on how we say those words, emotion in them and then nonverbal body language have to go hand in hand and agree with each other.

When you’re not on video, let’s say, you’re sending a postcard, putting a billboard out or some other type of marketing, you are not getting the emotion and tonality in the voice, which is a big part of communication. Also, you’re losing the nonverbal body language. I want you to understand that to be competitive in 2023 going forward, you need to have people look you in the eye and they need to see how your face moves when you talk to be able to trust you essentially.

Trust is a big part of selling something. This is what I don’t think a lot of people understand as we move towards technology and shorter-form content. People are wanting to run a business through their phones, text message and emails. They’re scared to talk to people. They don’t want to get on Zoom and meet people. It’s going to hurt you long-term. That’s why video is so important.

If I was to pick three, I would say YouTube, Instagram and then probably TikTok. I’m not TikToker but running an organization of 2,200 agents, I get to see a wide range of data coming in from the different businesses and how each person looks at their business. TikTok is working for a lot of people. Short-form IG content and YouTube shorts are working well for people. Rarely do I hear much about Facebook, LinkedIn and some of these other platforms very often but the most commonly used for business growth are IG, TikTok and YouTube, which I’m hearing from most people.

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How do you leverage YouTube for your real estate aside from the agents?

Lots of different ways. For the agent side, a lot of agents are optimizing videos for out-of-state buyers moving to Texas. That’s how one of our agents broke Texas State Records as a freshman agent and did almost $70 million. There are certain ways to optimize videos so that they’re found in California for California buyers moving to Texas. If you live in California or wherever you’re at, it’s probably impossible that you don’t know five million real estate agents but if you live halfway across the country and you’re moving from New York to Florida, New York to Texas or California to Texas, which is what we’re seeing a lot of, you may not know somebody that’s a buyer’s agent living in that new state.

What that means is there’s less likely that someone moving here has someone to represent them. What type of transaction are we doing here when they’re moving from California to Texas? Very rarely it is lower than a $1 million transaction. A lot of times, it’s $1.5 million to $2 million as far as a transaction. A lot of our agents are crushing and doing massive GCI. They’re using YouTube to film videos of new build construction properties here in our cities, Austin, Dallas, Houston and so on.

They’re doing property tour videos and then keyword optimizing them for California so that people there are coming across them. They’re posting California groups. What happens is if you do a good job for the first few people, they’re coming in this big line and heard of people coming over here. If you do a good job for John, he’s going to connect you to Susan’s sister. Susan connects you to Rebecca, her best friend. What happens is they all start coming over here and you build this big bandwagon effect.

Another one that’s a little ninja one is let’s say Julie does an episode about foreclosures or something like that. It gets 30,000 views and it takes off on the internet. I go on the internet later and type in, “How to stop a foreclosure?” YouTube is going to suggest a bunch of videos and they suggest Julie’s video for me because it’s got 30,000 views.

The reason why most people don’t do well at digital marketing and go broke is they don’t know how to target the exact person they’re trying to get in front of. Those 30,000 views are an aggregate of every single marketplace across the country. If you’re trying to buy houses in Dallas, Miami or Texas, you don’t want to run ads to all those other views coming on that video. I can choose a video, a channel or all sorts of different variables of characteristics on where I want to run my ads.

UWS 14 Connor | Video Marketing
Video Marketing: Most people don’t do well in digital marketing and go broke because they don’t know how to target the exact person they’re trying to get in front of.

Let’s say I want to take Julie’s video and run ads on top of that video, only people in my state that come across them are my market. When they click it, they’ll run my ad right in front of them but if they click on that ad from a different state or area for that video, I’m not going to get charged for the ad. A big reason why a lot of businesses struggle with pay-per-click marketing is they don’t know how to set where their ads are going.

They’re getting leads, meaning people clicking on it and looking at their stuff but they’re in contrary markets all around the world or a different country on the other side of the planet. They can never do business with them when they don’t understand. I have it happen all the time. I get paid ads on my channel from different languages and things like that where they don’t know what they’re doing.

You can do this very targeted with bankruptcy attorneys or divorce attorneys. You can do this in all sorts of different ways like closure properties or whatever the person is trying to get in front of. What would they be typing into YouTube at 2:00 AM? Let’s say someone’s about to go into bankruptcy, “How to stop bankruptcy?” You’re going to type that into YouTube, take the videos that come up, start taking those YouTube URLs and then start running ads to those. Once people get in them, retarget them and follow them around the internet but that’s one way that you grow your sales business and investing business.

If that helps, I’ll give you a couple of ideas of ways you can use YouTube on the more proactive aggressive side that’s taking a money spin as compared to the organic growth side. On the organic growth side, you’re going to use keyword optimization and make sure you use your keywords to get your videos found by the audience or profile viewers.

There’s a lot of valuable information. Thank you. This is great. I have two questions and they’re different. What would you say to yourself when you first started as an entrepreneur? Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would’ve done differently?

Yes, everything. The first thing I would have done is gone into more of a time-based business model instead of a liability-based business model. Part of the way I went into debt was I went into the real estate investing space. What I was doing was dropping massive direct mail campaigns before I knew what I was doing. I was dropping big money on marketing. We can generate leads with time or money. How did I get out of debt? I figured out how to generate business with time using social media.

You can cold call. As I started to figure out what I was doing, I was buying houses, cold calling for-sale-by-owners off of Zillow and getting them to owner-finance my house. What built my business was learning how to generate business with my time and effort, not with my dollars. That’s how I went deep into debt. That was the first thing.

The second thing is I would’ve vetted some of the education companies that I went through and made sure that I talk to someone ahead of time before putting money up because education is crucial. There are some great companies and some not-so-great companies out there. When you get the right coaches, it’s going to change your life. When you get the wrong ones, it’s going to change your life but not the right way. That’s what I would’ve done.

Another thing I would’ve done a lot more of was work on communication and the ability to influence, recruit and attract talent. We’re talking about conversion rates before. I was not prepared to handle phone calls when leads came into the office. This is important to understand for any business owner in any business space. If you cannot take a phone call or the lead coming into a contract or a sale, then you shouldn’t be spending money marketing on that.

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What I should have done was call a whole bunch of for-sale-by-owners and talk to a whole bunch of owners to get familiar with how the call would go and the questions they’d ask so it would not be choppy, me quivering my lips and figuring out what to say. I would be able to control and convert the business when it came in. I was doing things that brought in leads but my communication process over the phone wasn’t good enough to close that deal.

What people should be doing, especially investors, are getting on the phone with a bunch of for-sale-by-owners. Call them with intent as you’re practicing. With the intent of getting a deal and getting familiar with this. Get 50 to 100 phone calls with some homeowners under your belt. They’re expensive leads coming in the office for hundreds of dollars a phone call so don’t mess it up. One thing that slowed me down a lot was I was too quick to generate putting a lot of money out there. I was generating a lot of leads but I couldn’t convert them because I hadn’t worked on my communication processes.

I would’ve done something more with time strategies, not dollar strategies ahead of time. I would’ve put a little bit more time into finding better education instead of going to the first one that came across YouTube and buying it. Following people on social media, getting out there into the networking groups, finding who the big names are and quality people in the industry, following their YouTube channels and consuming that information quicker is the fastest way that can educate yourself.

When I was coming up, I was watching the OGs of the game like Sean Terry, Cody Sperber, John Cochran and System Saturdays. Getting on YouTube to get educated is a great way to get educated but you’re going to pay with your time and not your dollars. You’re going to have to watch a bunch of junk videos, probably not that great videos but once you find a few good people, sort their channel by oldest to newest, consume their entire channel like a book and take notes doing this.

Another thing I would’ve done differently is going through a lot of self-development podcasts, YouTube channels and things like that but I didn’t traditionally take notes like someone would do when they read a book. There’s reading and then actual reading where you’re dissecting a book and trying to learn from that book instead of reading it one time quick as you can to say, “I read that book.”

Once I find a good one, let’s say, I love Julie’s channel, what I’m going to do is reverse engineer her channel, watch every single video and have each video into an Excel spreadsheet. Let’s say it’s a 12-minute video, 7 minutes or 9 minutes, what I’m going to do is put the video link in there, the short little message of what I learned in there and the timeframe of the video that’s important to go back and watch.

I’m tracking the content that I go through. I’m also breaking it down into types of topics, mindset, goal setting, time management strategies, communication, videos, leadership and things like that so that I can go back and find the most important information that I found with my initial time investment and go over. It’s the most important information that’s a small form so that I don’t have to go through all this extra time wasted to go through.

More people should be thinking about going to not just YouTube videos and podcasts but also masterminds. Another mistake I made was going to events, paying the money to get out there, going to masterminds, sitting on these calls, daydreaming too much, talking to people at events or not listening and learning. There’s a huge difference between listening and hearing words going through your brain.

If I paid a lot closer attention, which I did pay close attention to, it’s not like I’m sitting there staring at the sky but listening to what some of these entrepreneurs were saying a lot closer. A lot of people should do that too as well. A lot of people go to events and they forget why they’re there. It becomes a social event and not an educational event. They miss a lot of what they went to go get.

You’ve given some great and valuable tips and recommendations. Who is probably the most influential person you could say in your life that helped you get where you’re at? Is there a role model, coach or somebody that made an impact on you and your businesses and where you’re at?

It’s my faith. I’m not going to go down there, which is cliché. My dad is a Presbyterian minister. I lost my faith early all my life. I went to PK, parties, drugs and everything crazy in college and high school. I came back to it later and that’s what changed my life but if you were going to talk about a single mentor or person, without a doubt, it’s Napoleon Hill.

What happened to me was I was stuck at home struggling with $100,000 in debt. I couldn’t figure out my path in life. I didn’t know what I want to do. I was terrified, lost, bankrupt and struggling spiritually and physically. I was lost at that moment. Somehow one random night I ended up on the internet and came across one of the old black-and-white recordings of Napoleon Hills’ Success Principles when he was filming those back in the ‘20s.

Somehow, I watched one and was like, “This old dude that’s in black and white is saying something I’ve never heard before.” It sounded different. It resonated with me. I went down the rabbit hole and that led me to Think and Grow Rich and read it. I then read Outwitting The Devil. Those books led me down the thought process. Without me knowing what I was doing, I fell heavily into self-development.

UWS 14 Connor | Video Marketing
Think And Grow Rich

I came across Napoleon Hill, which led me to Earl Nightingale and then Earl Nightingale led me to Bob Proctor and Jim Rohn and then the next ones I came across were more modern like Brian Tracy. I then started following Les Brown, Zig Ziglar and John Maxwell for leadership. I then moved toward the modern-day leaders we have like Joe Dispenza and some of those types of guys. Without a doubt, if I didn’t come across Napoleon Hill, I would not be here where I am now. I can assure you.

I read that book every year in December.

You should keep on reading. It makes sense to a lot of us. It changed our lives but some people don’t have that experience. You’ll meet some people that read Think and Grow Rich and are like, “That was the moment that changed my life forever.” Some people are like, “I read that book several years ago,” and they didn’t read it.

Also, when you read it again like Julie’s doing, it’s a different book each time for a couple of reasons. Number one, Julie is a different person at the end of her year. Her skill sets are higher. Her awareness of the world she lives in is different. She’s already practiced and tried certain things that she’s learned in whatever book, this one for example, she’d read.

The second thing why you want to read books or listen to a podcast or things again that were valuable for you the first time is because we have what’s called thought drift. Let’s talk about this show. It’s a 45-minute show and you hit start from the YouTube button. It’s going to play continuously for 45 minutes. That’s the content delivery. It’s going to never stop. That’s 0 to 45 minutes. Your attention span is going to stop from time to time. Our brains can only retain 15% to 17% of information an hour.

Let’s say we’re going through this show here and we’re 7 minutes or 3 minutes in. I say something that triggers something in your mind that you hadn’t thought of before. You’re consciously focused on the words I’m saying. Once I say something that triggers you, because your focus on it, your thoughts are going to drift off onto whatever you’re thinking about. You’re not paying attention to what I’m saying because I’m still talking but you’re thinking in your mind about what I said. When you come back off the thought drift, you catch back into the conversation but you never heard what you missed. There are going to be gaps.

This is why sometimes you read a book and you’re like, “I didn’t read that last time.” It’s because you were in a thought drift and so by doing things through repetition, you’re increasing the likelihood that the next time you listen to the show, your thoughts are going to drift not at the same time since you’re going to hear information that you didn’t the first time that’s going to fill in pieces of the puzzle and make more sense than you read it the first time.

There are a lot of reasons why you should repeat reading books. You’ll hear me on other podcasts saying this truly where it’s like, “Do you want to read 100 books once or 10 good books 10 times or 20 good books 5 times?” I’m a big believer in reading the right information and following the right people through repetition over and over than trying to read a book to get it on there on my notch on my belt so I can tell people I hit 50, 100 or 200 books. It then becomes a competition on how fast we can read a book once and not even get a thing. It becomes weird. If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich, it’s not cliché. That book is very important and it changes a lot of people’s lives

You hit the nail on the head. Every year I read it, I see and feel something different. Something else hits me differently. I’ve noticed that when I take the time and read it, not just read it to read it, every year, I’ve seen progress in my businesses, my mindset and the people I surround myself with.

It’s an experience. You never had someone steal from you and then all of a sudden, someone stole a bunch of money from you that year and the next time you read the book, it’s talking about how to handle your mindset on this partner who stabs you in the back or steals from you. You have experiences that sometimes didn’t apply to stuff you were learning in a book because in the time window from the previous time you read it to this time, you may have had certain experiences with your business.

Let’s say you’re reading a book on social media or YouTube and you’ve never done anything. When you go and start playing around with everything, the next time you go back months later, you’ve tested all this stuff and have had experiences. The things that didn’t make a lot of sense the first time make a lot more sense the next time. If you’re serious about the topic and you read a book that you thought was good the first time, go back and reread it. You’ll find out that there’s more in there that you can use.

For our readers, you’re going to do something special. It’s only for your team members in the Wolf Pack and it’s a private academy that’s focused on YouTube. I understand that you are going to be allowing our readers to purchase this. Is this correct? You can’t find it on the market.

You’re not going to find it on any page or anything like this. There may be 1 random or 2 small links in a video way in the past that you could maybe come across but probably not. What I’ve done is created a large value proposition for our agents and all sorts of different pieces of training for our partners that join us with our Wolf Pack organization at eXp. We have private investment coaching, social media training, video marketing courses, onboarding systems and all sorts of different things we’ve created behind scenes.

One of the things that we do is a lot of digital marketing and internet marketing. I’ve built over 100 videos for YouTube training academy that used to be on the internet that I pulled down. That’s for our agents. This is a course that we use to train our agents, not just created quickly to sell on the internet or get a bunch of quick sales. It’s a functional course to train agents on how to win in business. Julie twisted my arm so I’m willing to let you have access to it. We’ll open it up for your readers but I’ll have a link for you.

They can go to for this exclusive offer that you cannot find anywhere else. That is not a sales pitch. It’s the truth.

It’s a full-on course. It’s going to teach you pretty much the entire process of YouTube and video marketing. You’re going to have the pre-content side of the content process to the post-content process. Pre-content is everything that happens before you see the movie. It means that if nobody knows that you filmed the best movie in the history of all movies and it’s not in the movie theater, you don’t know it’s there, no one’s going to show up.

The first part of YouTube is how we have YouTube put our videos in front of people, the optimization side, titles, tagging keywords, tools, how to optimize videos and write your description. We’re going to go into the entire pre-content process side like how to create the right titles, choose the right thumbnails and all the best practices. The content side is the actual creation of the video, how to increase watch time, editing and things like that. We show you what to buy, use and edit and how to put videos together.

The post-content side is the most important. Now that you have the attention, how do we build a business around it? A lot of people figure out how to get views and subscribers but can’t generate an actual business around it. We’re going to teach you how to take the tension that you have, monetize it and grow a business around it. We’re going to teach you all about algorithms, transcriptions and analytics systems. We’re going to teach you all about post-launch velocity, clickthrough rates, watch time, returning viewers, binge-watching and all the things that you need in that course.

Thank you so much, Connor. Do you have any final words for our readers?

If you are scared to get on camera, watch my YouTube channel. I launched a new channel called Connor Steinbrook. It’s my personal brand channel. I have my Investor Army Channel for real estate investing but my new channel is more on overall entrepreneurship. I started this channel in a sequential order way from where I was $100,000 in debt living, at home terrified with my parents and lost in life to the exact steps I did in the sequential order from whom I came across to the educational process I went through, the skillsets that I built in what would be a step-by-step order for you to go through and figure out your business.

The most important thing in life is self-esteem, which creates relationships and business. It builds a business because if you don’t believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter how much you believe in what you’re trying to do. You will sit down when it gets tough because you don’t believe you can do it and you don’t have the respect for yourself to keep going. If you’re struggling with self-esteem, limiting beliefs, fear, worry, doubt and anxiety, go watch those first few videos. I’m going to help you understand how to rebuild your self-esteem and overcome fear and limiting beliefs so that you can take the actions to do the things you need to do in your business.

If you’re having procrastination issues or you’re not doing what you need to do daily, it is a self-esteem issue and it’s what you need to work on. I have a couple of videos on there that explain lots of different ways to increase your self-esteem. If your self-esteem increase, your energy levels increased so your activity increases, which will lead to some type of win in some area of your business, which will lead to the excitement to go chase another win and build a winning streak. Start with your self-esteem first and everything else will build itself around you.

Connor, thank you so much. I want to thank you for being on the show. For our readers, you can go to for the course that Connor was talking about. Go and check out his new YouTube page, which is the Connor Steinbrook one. You could always watch the Investor Army one. Thank you so much, Connor. It was such an honor to have you on our show.

Thank you for having me. I forgot I give out a free nine-video mini-YouTube course if you want me to give that out to them as well. If you want to, you can follow me on Instagram. I’m going to be a lot more active on Instagram going forward and short-form content. You should as well. I’ve always been more of a longer-form content type of person but I will be doing a lot more in short form. You probably want to go see what I’m posting on Instagram and then check those out. We’re going to be putting a lot of content like that out going forward. Is there anything I can do for you or your readers?

No, that’s great. We’re giving them the mini-core series and YouTube training. This has been phenomenal. You have given so much value that I even learned a lot from this interview.

I had fun.

Thank you so much.

No problem. See you later, hopefully, with the bigger bank account after you try to apply some of this stuff.

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